“With Trim On, we democratize sailing”
- Lars Linger

Lars Linger is one of the top sailors in the world. By using VR technology Lars wants to teach young people how to sail and democratize the sport he dedicated his career to. His vision is that sailing should be accessible to everyone across the globe. Especially children who are less fortunate and children at hospitals that can’t sail in real life.

Trim On is based on Lars' unique way of simplifying a complex sport. The VR experience is broken down to simple educational lessons anyone can learn from. It’s fun, rewarding and in a safe environment. With Trim On, Lars legacy will live on forever.

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Lessons overview

Lesson 01 - Introduction to the boat
In this first lesson of Trim On you will learn how to control the boat in calm water. You will get introduced to the rudder, the sail, the windex and how to control the boat in different wind directions. 

Lesson 02 - Tack & Gybe 
In lesson 02 it’s time to set sail out on the open water and practice how to do a tack and gybe. 

Lesson 03 - Sail around a track
In lesson 03 you will practice how to sail around a track around four buoys in upwind and downwind. 

Lesson 04 - Docking the boat
In lesson 04 you will practice how to stop the boat and connect it to a jetty. 

Lesson 05 - Sail a track on time
In lesson 05 it’s time to race a track on time! You will practice how to perform the best start, sail around four buoys and cross the finish line. 

The Team behind Trim On:
Lars Linger
Hugo Stenbeck 
Won-Suck Song 

Trim On is developed by DVA - Creative Technology Studio.

Lars Linger career highlights:

Part of the Americas Cup winning team Stars & Stripes 1988
4 x World Champion
4 x European Champion
5 x Nordic Champion
14 x World Cup victory match racing
2 x Rolex Transatlantic winner

Hugo Stenbeck sailing resume:
World Champion
Europe Champion
Dragon Gold Cup
2 x Rolex Transatlantic winner

Photo: Henric Wigforss, Malcolm Dahlberg & Lars Linger

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